Bow damage increase when equipped.

I've just noticed some interesting occurences today, in patch 1.4 my Ebony bow damage was 73. Now in patch 1.5 when I have my character equip the bow minus arrows. The base damage goes to 100, not only this but bows in smithing menu show base damage double of starting damage before improvement on grinder. For example, in patch 1.4 Elven Bow I believe has a base damage of 30 to 38 now it shows base damage of 62 before I even create it. I may have to delete patch 1.5 and re-download it. But has anyone else had the stats of their damage increasing. 

Had to delete a couple saves for my battlemage due to swords randomly increasing to insane damage of 3,000 + without me using any glitch or improvement. Went to my ranger/warrior save and notice the bow damage increase occurence as well. Not sure if many here are dealing with it, but been searching and found a good amount have dealt with this. Not sure if Bethesda has buffed the bow damage but to be honest a 100+ damage bow is a bit overpowered for my taste. Either way I'll be redownloading the patch to see if that may help. But any information on this issue is welcome. 


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Why does your ME3 banner have 'American Fleet' on it? I've seen it before and that doesn't make any sense to me.

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Why does your ME3 banner have 'American Fleet' on it? I've seen it before and that doesn't make any sense to me.


In ME3 there are multiple fleets to gain support/rally together to defeat the Reapers. For example, Alliance Fleet (Human), Asari Fleet, Turian Fleet, and etc. The same is applied to those apart of the retakeME3 movement. We all have a banner, but each of our country represents a fleet. For instance I live in the U.S. so I'm apart of the American Fleet with countless others and those in Europe has either the European Fleet or their respected country for example Polish Fleet the same general idea applied to any country across the globe. I hope that helps. 

Just redownloaded Patch 1.5, the weapons no longer increase in damage but I did take notice that my Glass Bow started at 95 damage to then increase to 121(Bow standalone damage) in little than two minutes the same occurence with Elven Bow. Not sure if this is a bug or Bethesda has made it now where perks have a greater damage boost than before. Has any one else expereinced their bow damage increase? The only logical reason behind this may be due to the arrow killcam. 

Interesting, thank you. I was quite curious.


Also, I don't know anything about your issue, but it seems to be affecting others as well (I haven't played since the patch came out)... it probably won't take long for Bethesda to speak out about it, so that'll help too.


Curious glitch.

The bows were reported to be underpowered before and there was a problem where arrow damage wasnt registering as it should have. Now if you have your bow equiped with certain arrow types you will see the base damage being added, you will also see this effect if you're wearing any fort archery gear too.

I do believe they did get a minor damage boost too. For me its a problem as i had 5/5 marksman, stronger bound weapons, bound bow, extended conjured duration, maxed sneak and 3x damage for sneak attacking with bows. Now my damage from sneak with my conjured bow is something like 600+ and as its my whole playstyle i cant just stop using it and try something else because im gimped with swords and magic!

Oh well, i'll finish this playthrough soon and make a new char.

Thank you for the information Bufger. I've been noticing the change you mention but wasn't sure if it was due to the patch. After some searching and your information has confirmed my thoughts. My strongest bow is Glass around 156 damage if I equip Daedric Arrows, but I tend to use Bound Bow for my BattleMage. I'll have to make some  minor adjustments but thank you again for the information. I appreciate it.

I got my deadric bow upto 750 damage with deadric arrorws and fortify archery equipment by 47% Wat I made myself along with fortify one handed so each deadric mace deals 510 damage making it 1020 dual wield ,I got it on master and feel like a boss lol