Bow and Arrow ?......

I can't seem to figure out how to use the thing with any accuracy, I shoot an arrow and it's like shooting a piece of popcorn LOL, the line of travel or drop off factor is horrible, I pull the trigger, the arrow leaves the bow instantly heading downward, always comes up short.

I have to be doing something wrong and I'm tired of wasting arrows LOL

Any help would be appreciated, thanks in advance.


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when i first used it, i wasnt holding the trigger to pull the arrow back so there was no power, no problem with it after i realised not to fire it like a gun.  I like clearing outposts with just arrows.

Hmmm, I'm not understanding that, I pull the left trigger to aim it and then I pull the right trigger to fire it is that wrong?

Do you pull the arrow back gradually with the right trigger then let it go sometime or anytime or? to get more power.

Man I hate having a problem with something that should be so simple LOL

Thanks for replying anyway, now I'm interested in figuring out the bow again LOL, I have enough cash to buy some extra arrows now to practice but for a while there I got unenthused after so many failings.

it sounds like you're firing it like a gun, so giving the arrows no power.

hold the left trigger to aim, then hold the right trigger until the arrow is pulled all the way back, then let go to fire the arrow.

Bingo, now I see what I've been doing wrong. I've been pulling the trigger like a gun and no drawing of the bow.

I'll give it a go today.

Thanks for your help.

Yep, and remember, bows have a fairly limited range and the game reflects this.The reality is a bow is only effective within a range of about 50 yards...maybe 75 at the most. I have a 150 lbs. pull crossbow and I can't realistic use it for ranges of 100 yards or more. A 75 yard hit is pretty darn good with a bow/crossbow.

dude....I want one of these I saw a guy shooting one recently and I was most impressed the... MXB 360

That's a nice crossbow. Mine isn't quite so nice. I bought my Barnett new about 20 years ago so it's not up to snuff with the latest bells and whistles. Mine is a simple recurve and not compound but it'll probably shoot about as good. Of course with a crossbow you don't need compound unless ya can't pull back 150 pounds. Mine has a nylon strap on the front which you can put your foot in and then pull the string back with both hands. I have no problem pulling it back at all.

Once you figure out the distance to targets it gets easy to use the bow. Don't get the red dot sight unless you're going in for close kills.

Yeah i agree, dont bother with the red dot in singleplayer, the other sight is much better for distance.

The red dot is however great in CO-OP and multiplayer!

And to go with the post above mine it is called a marksman sight, on the sight you will notice it has a point for 0-50 meters then the next one below that is 80 meters then the bottom is 100 meters or more...when I stopped to pay attention to this yesterday it made a difference, then their is a perk under spider that improves accuracy, peace.

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