Bow and Arrow Glitch?

I started up my game today and started to fight a dragon with my bow, and realized that when i draw my bow, the arrow flies about 5 feet and begins to fall.  Is this a bug?

And before you say it, yes, I am drawing it all the way back.


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Is your flax wound tight enough? :P sry, couldn't resist!

..... Has anyone else had that before?

Make sure you are drawing it all the way back.  Hold down the button until all the movement has stopped.

It really does just sound like you're not drawing it back all the way. That's the only time that would ever happen.

You should be really careful when it does that, you could shoot yourself in the knee....then your days as an adventurer would be over......and you'll get put on guard duty having to listen to people complain about sweet roll thefts...and that would suck.

Yes , its a known bug there are several vids on YT about it.

I've seen it before.


I don't know how to fix it but I presume it's not an overly destructive glitch. Perhaps dropping all archery equipment, swapping bows/arrows, leveling your skill or overall level will change it.


Perhaps also equip some Fortify Archery stuff. I know it won't stick around forever, my occurence with it was very short, so hopefully you'll have it sorted nice and quickly.

Yes i have the same issue. Did you manage to get it working again?