Bounty Hunter achievement question

So I found a video showing you how to do this by yourself without finding boosting partners for it. Here:

Is it okay to get the cheevo like this? It's not modding or hacking so MS should be fine with it, it's just that I have no idea if Bungie hates cheevo boosting.


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To be honest with you it is actually not as difficult to get this achievement as it might seem. I even got it on my first attempt. Just practice a bit and you should be able to learn real quick the best way to get a Skullimanjaro. In regards to your question I feel as though this technique is frowned upon. However, with that being said I doubt you would get in trouble if you did attempt it.

I know people in general frown upon boosted cheevos but seriously, I wish you could somehow see my Halo stats. There's no way I could get it without boosting :(

I'd say that's cheating, but I can't say for certain.

from what I hear all that could happen is you'll get banned for like ten minutes for quitting games.

Just had to be sure, coming from the CoD community where any boosting gets your stats reset and was it a 48 hour ban. Thanks for the replies.