Boundless Power Open to All.

Boundless Power Main Information.

BP is a group for all players looking to either participate with a clan in clan based game modes or to have fun with many games.

Don't think of BP as a high priority group, think of it as a middleman.

Some players are well enabled in various games but don't know how to take it to the next level, weather it's with a clan/crew or with friends.

BP is not just for the Xbox 360 & Xbox One We are also on Steam.

Boundless Power Secondary Information.

Like most clans/crews they have rules and requirements in order to join, BP has some as well but not ones that reject players from joining, BP is open for everyone to join.

Do keep note that though some rules and requirements are needed, that doesn't mean we will reject you from joining.

Before going into the rules and requirements, I'm going to bring up some games that BP does look into participating with, more games will be listed on our group page.

Instead of using a website that could harm you're computer, I'm not saying it will but with most websites today, they do have constant ads that most people cannot control.

BP uses the Steam Community as a forward way to find and join more gamers across the video world.

BP uses a group on Steam mostly because it's tied into a mass stream of games plus it's easier to keep track of, creating a group page on Steam is free, unlike most websites that charge a monthly fee, Steam is FREE.

Other Information.

Users do not have to have Steam we use it mostly cause Steam has a larger variety of games, some are Free 2 Play.

Rules & Requirements.

1. No cheating what so ever.

2. All users must obey the Code of Conduct.

3. Users are not allowed to use any swears words at anytime when children are present.

4. NO discrimination of any kind.

Contact information.

Steam Group:



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