Bound Weapons question

So I found out the sheer awesome power of the Bound Weapon spell but now I'm wondering. I took the perk that increases damage dealt by Bound Weapons but does taking the right perks in Archery,One-Handed,and Two-Handed increase the damage output also?


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Yeah I use bound bow and all of my archery perks stack on top of the bound damage perk.

Bound Bow is supposed to have approximately the same damage output as an upgraded Glass Bow, which is great for a mage

Yes, they stack. Bound Bow is great. You get Banish and Soul trap and never have to recharge. You also get 100 arrows each time you cast. Its pretty awesome.

Great! I'm working on a sneaky mage/assassin so this is great news. THANKS!

but if you have to recast you can give away your position if your trying to be sneaky.  there is that silent casting with illusion.

@ epiXtactic

Already down that road brother!