Bought the game on 12/5, haven't been able to play for 1 minute yet

I have the downloaded version from the store.  My game is stuck on loading maps whether it be campaign mode, or any multiplayer including the shooting range option.  No map has loaded to date.  I can however, scroll through game options, leaderboard screens and all that garbage.  So far I've uninstalled and reinstalled twice.  I've also done the power reboot by holding the power button for 6 seconds.. I'm not sure what else to do but pray.. hopefully this is grounds for a full refund?? I can't even play the damn game.  


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You should have to pay extra for that kind of stuff.

It's amazing that you can;t even voice chat you have to text...and now you have to be in a party with someone to play with them. No more joining a friends game!  This is so NOT next gen. Disappointed that 360 made it easy to play with friends and had voice chat and this ONE went backwards.

Welcome to Xbox