Bought a used xbox but the parental controls are enabled

Soooo basically I bought a used xbox and put my hardrive in, but the person who owned it before me had the parental controls enabled so I can't use youtube or download avatar items, it really sucks, is there anyway I can take them off? Thanks :)


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I'm not positive this will work but The only thing that I can think of is that you'd need to reset you're xbox. You'll need a flash drive formatted to your console so you can move anything an everything you want to keep onto it. This is because when you reset it you will erase everything that was ever put onto the xbox and go back to factory defaults. Read thtough all instructions before starting.

1.) plug in the flash drive and format it to your xbox

2.)go to settings

3.) Press a on system

4.) Press a on storage

5.) press "Y" on your hard drive or storage device you have your stuff on

6.) Press transfer content

7.) Move it to your flash drive or backup device

8.) Once its done moving everything exit out and remove the flash drive

9.) press "Y" on your storage device again (Hard drive)

10.) Press "A" on format and then yes.

REMEMBER TO MAKE SURE YOU BACKED UP EVERYTHING YOU WANT TO KEEP ON A SEPARATE STORAGE DEVICE. And to be safe don't have it plugged into your xbox. Remember I'm not positive this will work but It's the only thing I can think of. If you would rather watch a video on how to reset your xbox you can watch it here:

Hope this helped


I'm having the same issue. I tried to delete everything when I first brought it home. Cleaned off all the profiles etc but there is a password on the family settings that I don't know and everything I download from xbox live is blocked because of parental controls.

Did this work or is there any other way to fix this issue?

try calling xbox support they can handle it

Yeah just contact customer support unless there isn't anything on your hard drive and you want to try that. I had to reset one of my friends because he couldn't remember the password he had to use and we had to go into system info and do some weird controller combination thing to get it to reset the console to factory defaults.

Also, for future reference, please refrain from bumping old posts. This one has been dead for about a year.

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