bots on cod ghost and blackops 2 offline?

i was wondering if i am able to play cod ghost and blackops 2 vs bots offline sometimes i dont connect my console online so i would like to know 


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Why not try and find out for your self?

Both games have offline bots.

The bots are way too easy though until you get further into ranking, course I think you can set their AI now but still, pretty predictable and easy to work out.

The bots act pretty realistically, or at least that's what I tell myself. I downloaded a free weekend on Steam for COD a few years ago and couldn't believe how much butt I was spanking, until I finally realized I was playing against bots. I was even bragging to this kid that was there. lol. I wanted to try a controller against K+M opponents. I lasted about an hour against real players.

I am going back to Blops 2 I believe buddy. In that one I could camp on Nuketown in the building and win without effort on all levels of AI. Though that might just be because I was being a camper lol. Least bots didn't rage at me though eh.