Boston Brawlers Glitch.

Got another problem. I did all of the Boston Brawlers stuff except the last fight I have to do at the brewlery. It tells me to go there except its not on the map and I don't know where that is.


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Ya I had this probelm too i just watch like the first 15 seconds of this video and it show me where to put a custome marker the Icon is mission but the mission is still there just put the marker where you see it in the video and you will get it.

[View:]. Hope that helps.

WTH ? crappy music but nice guide glitch

Thanks for that. I got it now.

Thanks man h had that problem too.

i found one , i did all the first one but i mess up on one of  them and i need to redo that quest, the problem is i beat it without knowing what u need to do to get 100% there no replay wtf

The glitches just keep piling up don't they?

@Megadude - No they don't, this post isn't even about a glitch Its about a hard to find fight

As I said before mate, I'm busting you over this because in every forum you've logged in and typed "Glitches" like your the only one in the world to get them and you deserve to troll about it.