Boss Weapon Dissapointment..

For most of my game, I was going for two items. The Dragonslayer spear from Ornstein & the Darkmoon bow from Gwyndolin.

I finally aquire both weapons.. only to realise that a normal spear(not even upgraded) out-damages the dragonslayer spear once its fully upgraded.. and the same goes for the darkmoon bow.

The spear is suppose to do 135 physical & what, 90 lightning? very low stats for a fully upgraded boss weapon. Even with both of the scaling stats maxed, its still a very bad weapon. Boss weapons should do way more damage then a regular.. not upgraded version of a spear.

Then the darkmoon bow, I was using a composite bow at +15. Good scaling and everything. then I downed Gwyndolin and told myself I'd get my darkmoon bow. upgraded, it goes to 120 physical and 120 magic. 10 less physical than the composite but you get 120 magic. My composite would hit enemies for 300-400. Yet the most I can hit people for with this is 65? It's just a big dissapointment overall. Turns out theres no boss weapon worth getting in the game. I downgraded the darkmoon bow to a composite, took the hit on spending points in faith just for it, re-upgraded to +15.. as for the spear, I just use my Gravelord sword instead.


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Im using Quelaag's Furysword and it is downright amazing

Boss weapons are not supposed to be the be all end all of the game. Did you even check your parameter bonuses from the weapons? The numbers themselves won't mean much if you have some points dumped into its bonus scaling.

I know how the game works. I have the stats to use that weapon.. I built my character around that weapon before any info on wikis were released. I was the one who updated wikis with info about the dragonslayer spear. The fact is.. a regular lightning spear does more damage, has a lower requirement, scales better and that shouldn't happen. I'm now going to try out the one boss weapon I did not aquire on my last playthrough and see how it works.

These are just weapons. Keep that in mind. None of them are supposed to be godly or anything, just a bit more powerful or some other rather nice effect. Scaling works differently than having to wield it at all. The higher intelligence for an enchanted item usually draws more out of the magical damage from it. The same goes for others that have a specific scaling system for other items and attributes. It may not be great, depending on how much you decided to put into it. Either way, they weren't meant to be the best weapons in the game, just extremely unique and different. If they were overpowered, PvP would be unbalanced beyond belief and the game wouldn't be a challenge in the slightest.