boss souls.

So I have a few and I was just wondering how you make weapons with them? Also, I just beat Qulaag and now I'm at the Ceasless Discharge. Is there a short-cut past him to get back to the forest etc or do I have to go back through Blighttown?

One more question, that lady who sells pyro in the bottom of Blighttown, does she stay there or does she move to Firelink Shrine like most other npc's?


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From Quelagg's domain go back out to the swamp, turn left and keep going forward until you come across a crude elevator structure. Make your way to the top of it and you'll be able to get out of Blight Town

To ascent weapons with boss souls you need to gain access to the giant blacksmith in Anor Londo. You can see the upgrades here

Thanks. I have played for nearly 50 hours and I only have one weapon at a +9. What's worse is it's a short sword. lol. I can't find the very large ember to get higher than +10.


Scroll up on the link I posted and it tells you where to find embers and who to take them to. :)