Boss Fatalities:

To this day, I STILL haven't gotten all the bosses to do all their fatalities on me, even on Expert. Here's a link to a vid showing both of Goro's and Kintaro's for those who're interested. Kintaro's are just...ow. XD



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Wow! I never saw their fatalities either, thanks for the link. Your right Kintaro's is sick.

Shao Kahn's make him look even more intimidating. At least his first one does.

Yuh. And here's Kratos' two fatalities (and him getting killed by all the women XD) in MK in case anyone hasn't seen them yet.

Not really sure why Kratos was brought up. These are the 360 forums, but okay. I just skipped to watching him die over and over. His first fatality is really bland. Second one just has lots of flash for how simple it is.

havnt seen any of them till now. liked goro and kintaros. dont much care for shao khans or kratos fatalities.

The Boss' fatalities are real original and pretty brutal. They're better than 90% of the playable characters' fatalities. Khan's hammer is just, OUCH.

I never was a Playstation guy either, but kratos does seem like a pretty good character. His fatalities are pretty original.