Bored os this game already!

Ill have to say  BFBC 2 is way funner then this game,  just more fun, and seems its like EA got no license for weapons in this game , or the past.

Big let down, and no I'm no COD fan boy, just a gamer who looks to have fun and this game if anything is not fun .


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I'm not bored os this game...

excuse the typo,

BC2 wasnt that good tbh..i would put it next to last, BF2MC on the 360 being the worst, due to bugs though so =\



I admit I got bored quickly of the beta too and deleted it for a while. But for some stupid reason I decided to re-download it to give it another try. I stuck with it and unlocked better weapons/gadgets and the game became more fun for me. Healing and reviving teammates while running from cover to cover while taking fire from the glimmering flashes of sniper scopes at the end of cramped subway tunnels... firing the last RPG into a smoking tank while being pinned down behind a tiny boulder... picking off wave after wave of enemies with nothing but a pistol at your team's last capture point... I mean it's moments like that which make the game really memorable.

People who play team deathmatch for k/d ratios will never understand that. Battlefield will never be the #1 hit game that CoD is because it requires a mature player with lots of patience and persistence. It's frustrating as hell when you start out. You'll want to throw your controller so many times when you get killed by invisible bullets coming from bushes and trees. But when you learn how to survive and get the hang of everything and your team actually works together, it's one of the most epic feelings you'll ever experience in any game.

PS: I'm a CoD fanboy and I still plan on getting MW3. There's nothing wrong with enjoying both games.

Thats a good point about this  game you have to stick at a little more than your average FPS, you feel like a completely rookie when you first start playing and die a lot, but once you work out more and more of the maps and equipment, the hunted become the hunters and thats just a geat feeling.

could not of put it better ^^

Absolutly without question the most diverse, immersive and beautifull looking game out there, i love COD and BF equally no question, but i have to say this one takes the crown for me. the maps are tight, no game plays the same either..loads to see and do, amazing..BEAST!!

Funny, I got bored of BC2 rather quickly. BF3, not so much and it plays better than the Bad Company games imo.

Are you serious? To each his own heck I am a rank 15 and feel I learn something new every game and can only see hours, days , weeks , months even years being on BF3. This game is sooooo in depth its really sick .

Maybe try playing with other players.

Oh and BFMC was the worst ? Are you kidding me...BC1 BLEW ! MC was great. Sure it had its share of glitches but you adapted and moved on. I have guys on my FL that played right up to a few months ago when they finally shut down the servers after 6 years. That is staying power my friend. How many people are still playing BC1? or now even BC 2?  Not many .  Lets see how many in about a year after BF3 is out.

One final note: I think a lot of newbies are turned off by the high recoil on guns. They don't know that pressing down on the d-pad switches to single shot mode. And until they unlock the grip for the assault rifles or learn how to manage the recoil properly they're not going to have a whole lot of fun. I seriously think DICE needs to add some type of tutorial like BF1943 if they want any hope of getting new players into the franchise.

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