borderlands2 level hack

hi, my borderlands 2 character was level 55 and it was instantly got levelled to 72 by a hacker. my Xbox live name is tytus931 and the hackers name was GhostlyFaun83. I am desperate for it to be placed to its original level as I have spent many hours achieving level 55 and I wish to complete the game by myself and friends. thank you.


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You are not allowed to name and shame other gamers on the forums. File a complaint via the dashboard block communications and move on. Also you may want to reach out to 2K/Gearbox about this issue

It is against the forum rules to "name and shame". MS has no ability to do any kind of character resest. You would need to take that issue to the dev/publisher of the game. But i am sure they are unable to issue character resets either.