Borderland's Underdome DLC is crashing my Xbox 360.

Hi, I've just been downloading the Borderlands DLC and the Underdome one seems to crash my Xbox whenever the percentage gets to 4%. I've tried it constantly. I've stopped the installation, deleted it from my memory but it seems to constantly do it and it is getting aggrovating now because I was wanting to play it with my friend and the stress it's creating is putting me off the game again. Anyone had this problem before?


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wait i had that issue sad to say when u do get it to download to 100 % u can go get to the bank but u wont be able to do the underdome quests which is a blessing or a total ripoff.what will happen is your screen will freeze and will have no choice but to turn on turn off the xbox-xbox support i didnt get a refund back good thing i did those long time ago with a disk  the skillpoints i for each playthrough would have been nice if it doesnt freeze on me.i hope you have better luck thanme.

how big is the hard drive

More than likely you have a broken or on the verge of a broken Xbox.

I know this is true with Crawsaurus Rex's system; you can't drop a hard drive and have it work 100% like it did before.

Back up your save games to a USB. Clear the system cache try again... if that does not work, format your hard drive and then try


250gb -of course i aint using it all-probably less than 4gb of space plus current updates and all got too many stuff divided among  34 characters thats only the xbox version-12 are for combat purposes and the rest are storage.and i got 3 on the pc version 1 level 69 siren which i just finished levelling,1 level 12 siren and 1 level 4 hunter.kinda ironic that the pc version doesnt have mods in there.also the fact that i put the host title no mods help they actually pay attention.haha

yes thats true but still its sorta working im still on my favorite areas to go -as long as the underdome bank and armory is still working im good.if i feel the need to fight some claptraps and finish the achievements on my pc i load up my level 48 siren.but if i wanted farm kyros i load up the