borderlands save system?

ok, so ive just started playing it again and i forgot how annoying the save system is, for example:

ive just spent an hour killing zombies and what not trying to get to where i need to be to kill dr. Ned, then i get stuck within the graphics and have to EXIT the game, it saves, i then load it back up and it spits me out at Jakobs Cove!

is there a way i can get back to where i was rather than wasting an hour of my time to re-kill all of the zombies again?




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I dont think so.  All you can do is run back to where you were. You dont have to fight all the zombies, although you'll have to fight some.  Just bypassing as many as poss, will save some time. The game always saves on exit, and when you approach one of those posts that are red, and they turn green when you pass them.

Also, in DLC if you exit you won't appear in the area you were. You'll appear in the first area of that DLC.

- Jakob's Cove

- The Underdome

- T-Bone Junction

- Tartarus Station (Or something like that)

The only way to save in the game is to pass near a save tower aka New-U station or Fast Travel station the same location were you will come in to the game or if you die respawn at.

you will see the Borderlands Vault Arch Save Logo Icon Flash in the corner when the game is saving.

other than that, if you are in a game and see a Connection Icon flashing over the hosts gamer tag name, it means you've lost the connection and the game is going to end for you, so it's best for you to Save Exit if you can do it quickly, if you don't anything you picked up or did since the last auto save will be gone.

If the host Exit Saves before you Save you will lose anything you picked up since the last auto save, if you pick up an item in the game and are kicked by the host before and auto save that item will be lost to you.

Now if something is picked up and it's saved then you will still have that item.

many players use the auto save feature for duplicating items in co-op games, there are many techniques for this.

Always Remember to Save and Save Often and Never Rush to Turn of the Power When Saving, other wise you'll corrupt your save file.