borderlands moods

how do yo mood a shield and shotgun,rifle.





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If you mean "mod"...I don't know if anyone who posts here knows but if they do, they might help you out.  But why would you want modded stuff? 

a have a kickass mood ring does that count. it doesnt turn to ultra rare-pearlescent  color or the ultra common not soo rare

stock combat shotgun but it kicks @@@.

i did mean mod but i was wondering how do they mod mods i dont need any mods i have passed this game twice on my ps3 now iam playing my 360 now and was online last night and someone had a mod who tore me up would not die

I don't have a clue how they mod stuff.  I've wondered but that's all.  Personally, I've never needed them.  I played the game alone until level 35 and played co-op with friends after that and in all the DLC too.  It's tons more fun with friends and a lot easier.  Plus, you don't have to worry about fighting over weapons and stuff or someone dropping a modded weapon and messing up what weapons you have.  Someone made a thread about that the other day. 

How to get your Shield and Shotgun in the "Mood" ... well I am sure the Shield and Shotgun would love a good night out on the town, a great dinner and maybe a movie or to go out dancing at a club.

A lot of drinks might help the 'Mood' but beware full the shield might block the jealous rampage from your Shotgun.

now on the Modding side... there will be no Modding for you, since you can't perform a simple spell check, if you modded you would just mess up your own save game, and then you would be asking how do you 'Mood' you character... and that is another story because Lilith might like to get in the Mood but I doubt Brick would calm down for you if you tried to get him in the 'Mood'.

You’re in the wrong place to ask what you are asking.

He's Canadian. Like when they say 'aboot' instead of about.

Seriously though, Cosmic is right. This is definitely the wrong place to be asking those things.