Borderlands Challenge Log glitch

First, I am a member of the 1750 club, and a level 69 Siren.  I have no modded items, and neither does my friend.

I was searching my challenge log in Playthrough 2, and in the money collected, it said I collected -1,771,537,633.  Yes, over 1.75 BILLION below zero.  My friend had the same thing happen to her, but a slightly higher number.  I have since got the total up to 1.5 Billion below zero.

Any ideas on what happened?


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I've experienced this many times myself, don't know why it happens.

At least there is Road's End, where I can fill up my 51 item slots in 30 minutes killing Drifters, and sell all the items for 80-100 million each set.  I can run it solo without dying (I did it twice last night).

is that the challenge how much for the planet-im negative 45 billion on that.eventhough it says money in hand is all 9.dying an awesome epic death has its benefits the only way to fix that stupid challenge is everytime u kill craw grab all the guns and sell and whatever u do do not die again

I have all 9's as well.  Even if you do die, it does not change the number.  I checked.  I only checked it after playing PL2 for a long time, so it might have been that high before, and did not see it.  Farming Drifters is the easiest way for me, since I can not get craw's back using the glitch.  No pearl weapons yet even though when I am in 2 player we have killed craw a few times.

if u want pearls specifically farm 8-10 hours a day took me 65 kills just for 1 a rf  cobalt tsunami the firerate was extremely pretty cosmic covered the drop rate on the forums its somewhere in here its 1 in 8 hours minimum.what are u guys using ????

Right now, just an orange assault rifle (guardian) with corrosive element, and auto regenerating ammo.  We can kill it in 20-30 minutes.  I do not have any of the guns I seen on YouTube that home in on his spot on his back yet.  One of us sits in the glitch spot, and the other takes out his back, then we finish the front 5.  We are both under 500 million below zero, thanks to hours of farming Drifters.

i see.i used to farm with friends experiment on getting a good drop like my crazy idea farming craw with no shields.its like a version on my youtube channel title is harcore works on single player sorta.thats how i got the negative balance mostly the rest switchin to the catalyst or scavenger mod when he is almost dead im pretty sure doesnt have my fair share of  ultra rare guns which only took me a whole year to complete but my kick @ss weapons are the purple  and  the dove shock element accesory which i just got today.when i do farm  craw its usually now no shields siren on a public game..usually they leave as soon as u say no mods no shields