Borderlands 2

Hey i am looking for players to play borderlands 2 with from the begining. This means i want to start a new game with new characters all of which are level one. I want to play through the game and all three dlc. I am will be any character except the commando (he is my singleplayer character) and i want to try to fully level up the new character. NO CHEATS. I dont know if borderlands 2 has cheats yet but i sure hope it doesnt. Cheats ruined the first game i mean sure a cheat shield helped to get through the second playthrough but it takes all the fun out of the game. So if your fine with the rules on the list below please reply in the post and send a friend request to me.

1. Must have the three dlc released (Captain Scarlette and her pirates booty, Mr.Torgues Campaign of Carnage, Sir Hammerlocks Big Game Hunt)

2.Must start with Level one character



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