Borderlands 2 dlc question

I was wondering if i were to licence transfer a friends account and download the campaign dlc, would i be able to use it on my account. I know i can't do it with the mechromancer but i wanted to know if it was possible with the campaign dlcs


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You can't license transfer to another ACCOUNT. You CAN license transfer to another CONSOLE however. If you transfer the license to his/her console, you won't be able to play the content(campaign dlc in this case) UNLESS connected to XBL. Something to think about if you don't have a stable internet connection, as you won't be able to do another transfer for FOUR MONTHS. For future DLC, you should go to your friends house to download the content first. Doing so will grant their console the license to it. You, as the purchaser, will then be relying on the "roaming" license to play said content. Hope this isn't too confusing. I know this works because I ALWAYS download my games/dlc to my girlfriends console first. You must allow the download to complete before signing out and moving to another console as the license goes to the console that downloads it first. More info can be found at   Blog post I did on this subject a couple of years ago. Does a better job of explaining than my last post here does.

Pretty sure doing a license transfer to give a 2nd player access to dlc without them buying it is against the ToU

I have a follow up question regarding this. My brother and I have been playing BL2 on one hard drive, both signing in on different gamertags. Therefore, our data is all on one hard drive, making me question whether a license transfer would be any good at all, seeing as his xbox has no BL2 data on it. Is there any way to buy the Season Pass once, and use it for both accounts on the SAME xbox? Thanks in advance