Anybody down to help boost for the awards achievement? My bro and I will also help those who need it as well


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Gamer like you make this game a little less enjoyable. You and your buddies should be permabanned. Here is a novel idea, try earning these awards and challenges like 80% of us do, it's the old fashion way, play the game legit. If it was up to me (but it's not) I would ban all cheaters/booster/hackers and people that treat other with disrespect and bias.

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Why are you guys so butt hurt about someone asking to boost? If you guys do not like it, DO NOT REPLY. No one on my friends list has this game and I am only missing 8 awards for that achievement. Sorry if I do not plan to waste my life trying to get all my achievements legit. And you are right... its not up to you. People can still have fun and boost for an achievement. It's about enjoying a game, and its obvious that people who boost annoy you. Well I'd say about half the gaming community if not more has boosted in some game in some form or another. I plan to boost for this achievement whether you all like it or not.  :P

Hey Shadovv - ignore those guys and just go over to  They have all your boosting needs and no one will judge you.  Let me know if you have questions. members are locking up the conquest servers all day, and if you enter the game they all gang up and team kill you...I report every group I see doing this

What are you actually achieving by boosting achievements ?  a few numbers next to your name.. carry on lads sounds magnificent that does ?  

TK list...

1, Glitchers

2, Boosters

3, Everybody else ;o)