Boosting Session before Revelations!

Anyone up for a boosting session before Revelations comes out, just to tidy up the achievements we haven't already got?

I need:

Job Skills, Download Complete, Role Model, Abstergo Employee of the Month, Ahead of the Curve

Brotherhood online seems pretty desolate these days so we should organise some players to help eachother get the ones they're missing. I'll set a time etc when we have enough players!


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Count me in. Add me when you are on. Im yet to get any of the on- line achievements and ill help however i can.

I just need Download Complete (I'm like lv. 16), Abstergo Employee of the Month and Role Model. Role Model and Employee are easy, when I'm lv. 29 for poison lol.

count me in. I think i played 2 MP matches. I need everything for MP. add me whenever you guys are running it. I am usually on everynight. doing either batman AA or GoW3. lets get these before Revelations...

interesting i have not started multiplayer yet for brotherhood but do want ot get in before revealations still playing the campaign

i spoke briefly with BigZombieDue and we wanna get these knocked out. I have one other guy maybe gonna jump in. Send em a message so i know where I met you at and we can work something out. I will touch base with ZombieDude so we can get this rolling....

i need employee of the month as well. set up a time and date and i'll try to be there

Count me in! drop me msg with time and date and i'll be there

I have two more achievements for brotherhood that I need if I can't get them then that's fine

please add me if you boosting multiplayer archievements