Boosting Gimps

Just played some HC FFA on Downturn ... two gimps with Riot Shields and Tac Inserts boosting in the subways .. Did my best to spoil their fun, but everyone else seemed happy to get wasted by their killstreaks. Arrrgghhhh pointless post - just letting off steam y'all


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You did the right thing by not naming and shaming. You should also report these people so when they caught and banned, they'll never do it again.

there's a 90% chance these booster you mentioned will get a reset so don't take it to heart.

there will always be a small percentage of rank/k/d boosters, it's their life. either ruin their plans or move on>file a complaint.

p.s: it's IW fault for putting tactical insertion in FFa, it kinda seem they want boosting but then resets them for their mistake, they could of done it like treyarch as they knew how to keep FFa legit and stop that boosting going on.

I've noticed an increase in messages for boosting lobbies.  It's pathetic.  

I never really understood the point of boosting. Sure you get all the "goods" faster, but you're more than likely to get caught & have all of your stats reset anyways. Even if you were successful in your attempt to boost & never get caught, all it does is make the game boring for you even faster. What's the point of continuing to play if you can't "earn" anything else? Isn't that why people play games? To get a sense of satisfaction or reward? Isn't that why achievements have become so successful & copied in almost every other platform, including PC?

Put the vid evidence in your vault and contact BanCandy on the COD forums and they will both be banned and reset.