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Anyone who's taken a look at the leaderboards, sees the scores & knows they're impossible to achieve by players who play the game as it is intended to be played. My question to the XBL forum community is this: What do you think about boosting? For, against, and why?

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You sure they aren't modding? They way I see it is who cares if they reach the max level before me, I will have earned mine and had fun doing it. Unless what they are doing actually gives them an advantage over other players its not a big deal. Theres always going to be idiots in the world.

They boost... [View:]

Some of those gamertags look familiar?

so thats what bhl stands for, what tools.

wow look a the points he gets for 1 headshot.

also bug found you can revive someone who was headshot.

Thanks for that vid DS. That is exactly what I'm talking about. Yes those tags look familiar.

Now about gaining an advantage, I am of the school of thought that by boosting, they are capable of using unlockables of all types, far before they are intended to be used competitively therefore gaining an in-game advantage through exploitation. Also, they completely skew the leaderboards. Either maybe trivial to some but to others, they ARE important and detrimental to their multiplayer experience. That's why I want to know what you all think.  

Interesting exerpt from a prolific boosting clan's charter:

By Definition:

(Boosting) \ (Boost), v. t. [imp. & p. p. boosted; p. pr. & vb. n. boosting.] [cf. boast, v. i.] one who is endeavoring to climb; to assist in overcoming obstacles, or in making advancement. to promote the cause or interests of [colloq. u. s.]

Game Boosting

Boosting in video games is the science of determining the most efficient way to advance any element or obstacle within a game. One of the most common forms of Game Boosting is Rank or Level Boosting. Rank or Level Boosting determines the most efficient way for a player to gain score or experience points (XP) to quickly move from one Rank or Level to the next. In most cases Boosting is collaboration based or Team based in order ensure efficiency among a larger player group. 

Contrary to popular believe game Boosting works within the established games rules to find the most efficient way to advance. Boosting as defined is also NOT a terms of service violations on any gaming console platform! Boosting is often mislabeled as or defined as game modding or console hacking! The reality is that Boosting has NOTHING to do with game modding or console hacking! Those type of activities are TOS violations aimed at altering the game's outcome, code, or defined rules established by the games manufacture. Boosting is about game play efficiency within the established games rules.

Other common forms of Game Boosting include:

1. Achievement Boosting (Also called: Gamerscore Boosting) : Unlocking achievements, game classes, perks, emblems, guns, maps, etc. 

2. Score or Leaderboard Boosting: Improving your Global Leaderboard Ranking 

3. Win Boosting : Improving your Win Loss ratio: Improving your gaming stats

4. Kill Boosting / KDR Boosting : Improving your gaming stats 

5. Game Specific Boosting; Example - Nuke Boosting in MW2

Why Boost:

Game developers year after year have down two things consistently: 1. Locked more and more content out of the box (you can't play more than half the game you just paid for) and 2. They simply made the game longer by repeating the same content (and level) over and over; (not more challenging, just longer by make you repeat what you have already accomplished over and over, and over again). The perfect example of this is Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. In MW2 there are 70 levels / ranks online, once you have completed the 70 levels you get to do it again under the "prestige mode" – Repeat 10 more times and you have reached the top Tenth Prestige Level 70. That's 700 total levels; that repeated the same game content 630 times! It takes the average player between 120 to 140 hours (4 to 5 days of game play) to play go from level 0 to 70. So if you started playing right now 24/7, no breaks, you could finish the game in around 40 to 50 days / more than 1000 hours in-game! Don't you think you would want to be just a little efficient with your time when ranking up?

Another Example: You buy a racing game and the day you get it more than 60% of the game is locked because you are required to get this class "B" license or that class "A" license to race on specific tracks! You paid to play the entire game not just parts of it! 

but thats the point of the game! unlocking things, going up levels, i would NEVER do this, i like doing it the right way, its much less boring. i just cant comprehend the thought process for must feel so hollow...

That's like saying that you can't fight the last boss as soon as you start a game because that level is locked.


They just need a way to justify this crap to themselves and are completely missing the point of what a game actually is. I love that feeling of getting a new unlock in a game and knowing that it was my actions in the game that earned it - not some repetitive circle-jerk.

My thoughts on boosters is that they are dorks with no better prospects in life than to sit around on a video game all day. Id rather spend my time enjoying the money ive spent actually playing the game instead of some inane repeated activity for hours on end. There are women in this world who need my magic stick, and they dont think im cool because im a level 99 dorkasaurus.

Who spends £40 on a game just to boost?

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