BOOSTERS SUCK! How do I report them again?

So my team loses a couple matches because of a LARGE group of boosters in our lobby.  There were a few on each team all boosting.  I saved the match video but I don't know how to pass that to Activision or Treyarch or whoever is supposed to see it (one guy on my team went 0 and 18).

Any help or should I just let it go?

Very frustrating though...  grrrrrrrrrr....



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If you are very sure they were boosting, you can hit the "A" button over their gamertag while in the lobby and "file complaint". If they have left the lobby you can hit the "Y" button for "Friends" and tab over to recent players and file the complaint that way.


You should be certain they are boosting before filing the complaint. Filing false complaints could cause enforcement actions to be taken against your account.


Peace, J.R.

I saved the video so I could watch it later.  Trust me, it's PAINFULLY obvious.  If I could show you the video, you'd be yelling at the the screen too!  I caught them the first time at the back of the boat in hijacked in the rafts, killed both members of the opposing team, waited for them to respawn at their tactical insertion and killed them again.  Then I hung out back there and their buddies in the boats left (with THEIR tactical insertions) and kept coming back to see if I was still there.  When they saw I wasn't leaving, they went under the boat and did it there.  During the next match, I stayed at the back of the boats again and watched them keep coming back to check then leave.  I rewatched THAT video and found that they went under the boat again in a big 4 way boost-bang.  

Tnx for the info.  I'm sure I played way too many matches to go back and find them as recent players but will give it a shot.