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Hey guys, I was doing the mission where you have to inquire and see who killed his wife and kidnapped her. Boone is a night time lookout sniper for Novac. I was looking on youtube and stuff and found that Jeanie May Crawford was the woman who kidnapped Boone's wife and sold her as a slave. What I was supposed to do is send jeanie may front of the dinosaur and then you gotta show boone the proof that it was jeanie may that was the one that killed boone's wife. I had no proof back and I couldnt do the science 55 because I wasnt 55 back then. I told Boone it was jeanie may but I had no proof. He then told me to never talk to him again and told me to get lost because I had no proof. I was exploring Novac now and I find a safe with the proof. I cant talk to Boone and give him the proof, he just tells me to get lost. Also I really want him as my companion, he seems to be the best companion in the whole game.


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The proof is a letter in the safe of the reception room where Jeanie works during the day. The key can be taken from her body or lockpicked, I think its an easy pick but its been a while.

Unfortunately I don't think you'll be able to get Boone as a companion now. The only thing you can do is load up an earlier save if you have one and re-do the quest but make sure to have the evidence before finishing the quest.

have multiple saves is your best friend on fallout games.