I have logged a few hours into LA Noire and am digging the game quite a bit. another "open world" winner from rockstar! Its refreshing how this studio can take a familiar formula and somehow make it feel different each and every time. After being really into the other period piece Mafia, I feel right at home with this games world and look forward to all the DLC that they will inevitably release for the game.


While some of the games mechanics feel a bit clunky I take comfort in the fact that due to this games long dev cycle, what we are getting is essentially what the devs So with that said, how is everyone else feeling about this amazing adventure?


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It feels a bit repetitive to me. Search for clues, interrogate, repeat. And for such a large open world, the game is very linear. Sure, you can pick which location you want to go to first. But that's a far cry from the go anywhere do anything mentality with dozens of different types of sidequests that most Rockstar games employ. I do recognize the quality and attention to detail the game possesses. This is obviously Team Bondi's vision come to life

I like the game a lot but I really disagree with how they labeled the ideal questions/answers as correct. All that does is make people wanna restart the missions until they get 100% correct, which should not be the intention. If you get some "wrong" it shows different scenes and different dialogue. I think they really dropped the ball on that decision.