Bonfire Ascetic not working?

I'm trying to use the bonfire ascetic in  The Lost Basille but every time I try to burn it I get a message saying "First, defeat The Lord of this quarter.."  I killed the Flexile Sentry and Belfry Gargoyles too. I don't think there are any other bosses connected to this place. Anyone got this to work yet?  A bug maybe?


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Which bonfire are you trying to burn it at?  Which boss and area are you trying to up to NG+?  If it's the gargoyles, you need to burn it at the bonfire after fighting them.  If it's the Ruin Sentinals (Flexile Sentry is the boss for No Man's Wharf, not Lost Bastille) then you probably have to burn it at one of the bonfire leading up to the boss.  If you're trying to burn it at Servant's Quarters, you may have to kill the Lost Sinner first, since he's the next boss after that bonfire.

Check this page:

The wiki indicates that Ruin Sentinals is McDuff's bonfire.  I don't know if either of the other 2 would work as well.