Bomb squad PUPLIC announcment

To Xbox users

Hi my name is satchelcharge51 i love playing minecraft, cod, castelminer 1 and z,  halo, skate 3, etc. you can look on my games list i have quiet a bit of games

anyways i have a xbox clan called the bomb squad. im looking for new members. friend request me if you want to join.


PS, Its a trolling, gaming, and exsplosive clan.


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Trolling :) not on you of course sounds great

I hate trolls. What do you enjoy so much about destroying others things?

I don't I just like playing jokes on friends.greifing is destroying everything.trolling is scaring or playing jokes

Now hang on its not just a trolling clan its just a clan where we all play games togeter i raeely troll

ok good. what games?