Bomb Challange Help


    I litterly took the time to craft each shell with each ingrediant type and i am stil l missing 2 challanges.

1.  Make bomb w/ every shell type

and Make one of each bomb

what am i missing?


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Hi I just posted a page explaining how to complete this challenge, it is a glitch in the update.

Please see

Well, propably you missed a shell type, because its an easy achievement! Or I read some other forums, and the problem is: when you made a bomb, you didn't left the crafting table, that maybe help.

And a Make one of each bomb, you have 10 effect types 4 shell types and 3 gunpowder types! Thats a lot of bomb types! Try to watch some videos on youtube, try to view other forums, google it etc. You are going to do this achievement I've got the feeling!