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This is the new Best of Five thread. Don't let the title fool you. The thread is designed to be a useful buying/rent guide and conversation generator. And to have fun doing it. Unlike past versions, shameless one-liner opinions are not welcomed. If you want to post, all you have to do is critique the recent games played by the previous person's post. Try and be detailed and honest about what you think. Debates are always good. But if you are going to quote somebody, make sure you don't forget to critique the last person above your post. And feel free to include your opinion on the worst game as well. The only other rules here are the ones dictated by the forum rules. No spamming. No +1 posts. And please, no flaming others for their opinions.



As I said before, don't let the title fool you. This is a productive thread designed to generate conversation, let others express their opinion and give fellow gamers their own "good, bad and ugly" on the games everyone sees here and are wondering about themselves. This thread differs from other review threads because it is always changing and always current, as everyone likes to play all the new games. One last reminder: Please don't spam with one-liners or "down with this thread" posts.


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Crysis 2 had a great singleplayer and the multiplayer is ok, there just wasn't a variety of weapons to choose from which made the game get stale after a while. I would advise to rent this game.

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yes 3rd post!


I do like Call of Duty (as you have CoD4, MW2 and Blops all in your recent 5)... but this is a tough call for me. CoD4 was revolutionary when it came out. Everyone appreciated it and nobody bad-mouthed it at the time. I spend more hours on its online mode than any other competitive shooter. But despite that, Blops is the better game today. Online and offline.