Boatload of Tickers and Multi XP Weekend Question!

I have a question.  I been playing horde with a buddy (just the two of us  over LIVE of course)  and havent seen anything different as far as how the multiplier XP is any deifferent then anyother weekend we played!!  is it because we are doing it like just the two of us in like a private match and we have to play using Ranked or Social?!

Also i dont get the shotgun ammo 32 bullets  during horde along with the "Boatloads of Tickers".  The shotgun always holds 39 at the max anyways  so how does this 32 bullet thing work?!    if they are EXTRA bullets  then how come i never see the Bullets go anything higher then 39?

I dont know what mode you have to set the game to to be able to get these bonuses..  Of course  this is my first time doing this GEARSWEEKEND thing  and so far i dont see anything different then when we play wiht normal weekends?! I wish there was more detailed information for us  new Weekenders!






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if you wait till 50 they will come on at slow pace  cause there is more of them and it takes longer.... thats why we only play the first 2 or 3  waves on SECURITY map, .. suicide on the 3or 4th wave by jumping through the lasers.. and  when the "WAVE FAILED"  menu comes up.  we click Start From Beginning  (wave 1)  and repeat it all over again ..continuoulsy.     my  SERIOUS 2.0  went up like from 32 grand to like 36 grand in like  two days!  I think i am  36500  now.  but that was lik playing all day long wiht  short breaks in between.    But you can still get them FAST  doign the brumak. mission (Act 5  Chapter 5.) .  kill the   mass groups of  locusts.. and  beore you go around the corner to the next doorway..  restart from last check point and do it again!.. you can at  the most 100 between waves!  that builds up that 2.0 fast.  but it is monotonous!!  heheh !

Does it really help get seriously 2.0?  I tried it at wave 50 and they still come at a pretty slow pace.  Doesn't seem faster than the Brumak method.

that's retarded ... i just want to play horde with some buddies online - couldn't give a rat's long end about the achievements ... why not make these stupid 'events' optional, instead of making everyone who just wants to play the game suffer through their socialist pandering to the whiny cheevie-hooers who were too lazy to earn them 'legitimately'?  just let them keep replaying the stupid brumak mission for days on end if that's really all they care about ... doesn't this whole thing just cheapen your precious 'seriously 2.0' anyway?  what's the point? i'm offended - i should sue :)

That BOATLOAD of TICKERS  post  i posted was back during the first Bonus XP weekend..   when we still had the original monsters as well.    We just had MORE tickers then normal.     The shot gun ammo would start  off as 32 rounds!...  But this week it has been NOTHING BUT tickers.. ..The shot gun is just normal  no extra  rounds..This week has definately been FUN  with ALL tickers..   I got MY wings yesterday YEAAAA! heheh!



@ Rampant.   this week  is 25x  bonus XP    all week.  Play on insane and  get   +6250 per each wave!  :O)

I'm not getting any more shotgun ammo per wave.  What should the right amount of XP be?

They put tickers for the whole weeks so that people can go ahead and get horde achievements out of the way

boatload of tickers weekend for Gears 2......i get it.....cute, but then-Mon , tues, wed , thurs,  now fri,  I think  For us little people,, who were not priviledged enough to get an advanced copy of Gears 3 , to change Gears 2 ...and making us play with just tickers for a whole week (maybe longer), is not  my idea of  , Hmmm how can i put this ?   Great marketing strategy

hey doode yeah i seen that caculater before. .. i treally doesnt do me any justice.... .. it seems that first you need to knwo how much points you have   first!  before eyoucan figure out how much you ned ?!!? .. it isnt that important. i guess.. I just play and i rank up as i go... i have another buddy that we play horde on the weekends cause thats when he is usually able to play full day cause he works on the weekdays.. and usually i dont stayup that late to play during the evenings.. so we make the most of it on the weekends..   it is pretty fun!  Adreniline rush  for shure!!.  but. i was lucky to stay up late lastnght  to play!  it is kewl when we work together... it is funny that sometimes a beast sneaks by us when we arent looking and attacks us frombehind..   thats funny! hehehe!... we like to barracade our selfs so they cant  spawn behind us or rush in behind us!..  butif they do then they snuck  in  hehe!.

You get XP for ALL modes! Just not the campaign. If you don't see it, it is still there. I haven't played in a while so I can't say for sure how much and where the XP bar is in each game type. But here is a calculator to figure out what you need to do, based on what level you are and what the XP is that weekend.

2x for ALL modes like annex  wingman warzone etc etc?!   or is it just for horde?!!?  

Thats why i am saying they dont give  alot of details how it works..   as i say i dont see the  EXPERIENCE EARNED meter on any of the other modes.  does that mean we ONLY get the experince earned for  HORDE game only?  

also  if it was 2x   in ALL Difficulty settings in Horde.. then why do that have 1x and 2x exttra at the end of the wave? we through tthat was for the difficulty setting?!    like i mentioned above!

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