BO2's Most Broken Gun



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Aaaaaaand still more useful than the executioner.

This is the most annoying gun ever.  I logged on to the forum to explictly complain about this gun.  I have been working on MAX levels and Camos with this gun and since the latest major patch it just hits and doesn't do any damage.  We are not talking about bullet lag comp here.  A few minutes ago I stood about 10 yards from a player away from their controller and put my red dot directly on his head.  FIRED.. hit marker, but no death.  Same results on a SECOND attempt.  Finally, the toon went down on the THIRD trigger pull.

I want to disagre with the Comment about the Executioner, but I haven't used it.  I have an extremely difficult time believeing that any weapon is worse than the ***-556

I bet we will see more broken weapons with time.

Which is the most broken?? Any I use... :p

Lag renders all weapons obsolete

inb4 someone gets technical

Keith trolling? This is a first.

Lol that's funny. I used to use the swat on full auto all the time. It was my go to gun for a while.


after the patch I went back and was incredulous at how awful it was. I thought it was just me (I posted about this experience under the "next OP gun " thread) .  I literally pumped two full clips into someone and they were barely hurt at all.  


it is nice on burst though... been hearing that triple burst a lot lately across the maps in multiplayer.


even before the patch this thing was terribly wonky with hitmarkers. Full auto would take a minimum of half a clip, but usually very close to a full one.


BTW, a vote on my part has to go to the ballista with iron sights... misses or gets hitmarkers like crazy, even when you're plainly dead on them.