BO2 Zombies

Any zombies players out there who wanna play a few rounds to help me learn the maps, just send a message to me.   (Im playing now)

How do you guys feel this version of Zombies is comparing to Black Ops?  I'm still undecided, I really loved the original zombies, I feel there are quite a few differences in the new game.




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Black Ops 1 zombies is far superior IMO, I can't stand tranzit, I do like Nuke town Zombies though, so ive mostly been playing that.

i like tranzit a lot it's a lot more challenging IMO so i enjoy that aspect plus all the building etc is pretty cool as well - i do miss the old characters but i like the outside interferences

tranzit is much better than any of the old maps. it's pretty complicated and difficult at first, but once you figure out how to hold down each area [i suggest playing survival in each to figure that out] and learn where the parts to build everything are becomes a challenge. i understand why people dislike it tho. it's HARD and frustrating as h3ll at times. the lava drives me insane. last night i got downed, revived, and ran to get jugs, bought it then jumped off the ledge to the street to escape a train only to get smacked in mid air and get downed again before swallowing my jugs :(

actually tranzit got bumped to my 2nd favorite haha...grief is awesomeeeee and incredibly fun i suggest giving that a look as well nothing like running a train of zombies passed the other team as they try and revive players

i will be on tonight if you need help i know where everything is at gt thetechnation

invite me Please :)

ill play! i havent played in awhile but im good at working in teams..have a mic n im on most nights! msg me! if u hav a mic! i been trying to get a game for quite a while! so hit me up to play for prob morrow night!