BO2 played on 2 XBox's, same house, same modem?

My son got BO2 the other day... he typically plays Streetfighter type games in his room on XBL while I am the other room playing BO2... have fastest cable connection money can buy... when we try to play BO2 either together or at the same time, it disconnects one of us, even going so far as to crash the modem... is there some issue with BO2 and playing on two Xbox's in the same house, at the same time, through the same modem? If so, is there a fix? Thanks...


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Simple solution is to have one person join a game and have the other person join later on after one match. Your Ip adresses are the same in theory so having person B join person A's game should compensate for the disconnecting problem while joining in together. I hope this works for you.

You do know that the router assigns each device its own IP address so that shouldn't even be a consideration for the issue? If it were an issue then each time the consoles log in to XBL regardless of whatever game they played would do the same thing but that isn't what is happening here.

@OP-What is the NAT of each console? When you start up Black Ops II in the Multiplayer Menu it will tell you in the bottom right corner.

Should work fine.We have up to 4 consoles playing Blops 2 though generally just my wife's and mine.  I suggest looking at the router settings.

Are you guys playing via wifi or.ethernet cable.  Are you connected onto the same router or an ethernet hub.


Several things might influencing the disconnections. Old router, distance from wifi connection, and the model of your 360's. I personally think it could be your router but you did say he has been on live but on a diffirent game so hmmmm? Got your self one hell of an ankle bitta mate. Who is your isp?

It only happens on Black Ops... he is always playing other games online while I am playing BO2... he usually plays street Fighter type games... we played BF3 a lot as well without issue... it's just BO2 that seems to have this problem... last night we tried one of us in a game, and when there was an opening, the other joining that game... the moment I joined his game he was booted from the server, and vice versa... modem and router (one unit) is robust and fast, should not be the issue...