B.net videos from your OLD pal... TAW012294.

Awkward already. It's been so long since I used these forums, that I don't even know if the forum-goers from way back when (last year at the most) are still active. Let me summarize.


Why I quit the forums: STUPID NEW LAYOUT. Why I'm back: To post my fileshare clips for everyone to love & critique. Why I'm doing that: I love the attention. Why that's true: Because one of my famous clips made it onto Machinima & got viewed millions of times.


Another note before I post all the links: If you DO remember me, say hi or something. Here are my Bungie Pro fileshare clips from oldest to newest.


First strike...? is my first EVER to be put into my fileshare. Nice shot from across Hemorrhage, when the TANK still existed on that map. Download it to Xbox because I don't deem it worthy of rendering.

Banshee betrayal of thy century. was HILARIOUS at the time. My friend's brother was hit by the debree AND HE BOOTED ME. So I removed him & his bro from my FL.

Rough econ was my 1st sniper collateral. Watch who kills my buddy, & watch who teabags. Spoiler: They both die.

Hologram wins again... MY GOODNESS THE FAME. To some people, this video is the best thing to ever happen ever. Just watch it. Also, it's been featured in Anoj's top 10 countdown TWICE; episodes 21 & 30.

Grenade jumper wasn't TOO special, it was just funny as Spongebob USED to be.

Oops I did it again was a SAD attempt to recreate my famous hologram switcharoo. Fooled 2, killed 1. Ugh. Again, unrendered, so have fun downloading.

I will hunt you down shows how to use the warthog in Invasion: Boneyard properly.

3rd flag rave was a Big Team's victory celebration. 'Nuff said. Somebody after that said "HURR HAI GUISE SUMBODEE NEEDS 2 RECOORD THEES" so I did.

Perfection VS my dad was a slayer game in which armor lock & close range weapons won me a perfection medal while my own father & a stupid mythic were in the game.

This teammate booted me. was an idiot in SWAT Magnums walking in front of my bullets & booting me. DO NOT RENDER THIS VIDEO. You gotta watch this video from every angle. It will shock you.

Lag laser losers was weird.

The Shortest Tale is a short tale about how every enemy left before the game started. You don't HAVE to watch this one if you don't want.

I'm a hero! was pretty awesome IMO. I sacrifice my life to save my teammates against a Falcon's punch. Get the reference?

Action sack monster unleashed! was just me being dumb & getting a Killtastrophe + Extermination. Tee-hee.

Revenges depicts me dying, then popping the culprit & his butt-buddy. Is funny to me.

Booted for no-scoping AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Banshee Parking in firefight proves how dumb the AI can truly be.

Falcon spawn traitor was funny. It wasn't my fault he died, thankfully I was not removed from that game immediately.

Black screen is evil... OMG. Do you see how flawed this crap is?

Suicidal Knifing proves that an elevator can hold a grudge.

My guest dies in this clip. Well, my guest spawns, then I jump on his back, & he was all like, WTF. I had no idea he was going to be there, either. Just fast reflexes.

Herp was funny. Watch it.


I wiped out my friends & family! We had a party of 5, and we played Blargball, & I was on the other team as my father & 3 friends. SO I WIPED THEM OUT! AHAHAHA!


Then, finally, I have a stupid picture. It's just filler.


Reply here, or post a comment below a video. I'll see it. I hope you enjoy this stupidly large collection of stupid clips of Halo Reach.


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Haha hello, TAW0! I remember creating the thread informing you that your clip had just become famous on Machinima. I'm still here! Will check out your other vids later.

Hey Tawo, man : )

Nice no scoping. I still have a hard time with that. And I have never seen the banshee do that on that map during firefight. I play it all the time too. Usually it's all over the place and i don't think I've ever even seen it go that low. Nice vids

TAWO buddy old pal, rest assured that everyone's favorite troll, mr. sion, is still here.

Brilliant. Nice to know the party's all here.


Remember, some of the links are in the OP, but all the broken links are in my first repost.

well not ALL here, we're missing a few people, but the majority of us are still here.

[quote user="Lord Sion45"]

well not ALL here, we're missing a few people, but the majority of us are still here.


Ah well. Any clips you liked specifically?

i couldnt help but love the hologram wins again! =)

[quote user="Bogalo"]

i couldnt help but love the hologram wins again! =)


So did everyone else.    (=

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