Blops weapons UN-patched.

I know this is the MW3 forum but seems most of the CoD community post here, I figured I'd post here too. So yeah apparently the Famas, 74u, M16 has been unpatched. For what reason I don't know, however I can remember Vahn tweeting he had put out a hot fix a few weeks back. Details on the hot fix were not available but the two people who mentioned the weapons were back to the way they were at release just said try them and you will see. I don't have Blops now so I can't but if anyone else does then post your findings here.

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That would be interesting to see, I got that game after those patches and those guns were still over powered....

My tryhard senses are tingling.

^^^ Yeah it makes me want to slap grip and rapid fire on the 74u, along with lightweight and ninja. Shame...... I got rid of the game :(

Why would you do such a thing? I'd kill myself before I get rid of Black Ops! Lol jk, but I'd pulverize MW3 from existence so my friends would play Blops.

I never had any problems with any of the BOs weapons BEFORE any patches anyways.