Blops choosing a host

Well here is my problem...

Black Ops has a very bad choose of hosts, when the host is picked everyone in the server is getting lag and 1 or 2 bars.
Why is it that people with bad internet is mostly (in my case) always the host?

Look at my speed:

I never been a host before.


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i think your not picked as host mainly because of your location. your speeds are great but the game is probably always going to choose a host from the us because majority of the players are from within the us. not to mention i'm sure whatever servers black ops uses is probably located in the us and your connection to it is probably not as great as it it where your from. i've played plenty of games where everything is running pretty smooth and then hear someone from the uk complaining about it being laggy. so its not just you. it just has to do with your location compared to others. this is just another reason the cod series needs to start using dedicated servers.

host or not there is still alot of really bad lately and im on 10mb and in the replays it shows other players stuttering and its even worse than when you're actually playing..thats the difference between winning and losing..just ridiculous now as is mw3..wish they would do away with elite and then it would be smooth how it was before in the cod4 waw days.

majority of it has to do with your location in the world and not necessarily your connection speed but rather your latency and ping. try running a speed test and chosing a location in the US and you will see the difference. majority of the time those of you outside the US are playing on a server in the US so theres a big difference. not to mention you got to look at is this way, a lot of people don't think and have other devices using their bandwith while playing a game. i'm sure a lot of people have things downloading on a pc. i think a big part of the lag comes from that. i myself notice more lag when theres multiple split screeners in the lobby. i think that is something that needs to be looked at better. it seems to me a lot of the problems occur when theres multiple split screeners in the lobby.

thats funny i played on euro servers and usa servers and it was the same..its the games servers (lag compensation etc)and there is nothing you can there is elite to elite which has to gather yours and everyone else's information..thus causing the afraid it will be in every cod they be honest i dont think its down to lag compensation i think its all down to elite...but they wont admit it because that would look even worse on iw.

^ your an idiot please stop.

well i'm in the US, and i rarely ever have problems with lag. i get host every once and a while and never see any advantage or disadvantage to it. that being said, yes there is lag once and a while and if it does get bad the game usually finds a new host and things are fine after that.

i think this game needs stopping power to make up for the bad lag,nearly a full clip it takes to kill someone...thats just in the head lol