Bloodthirsty Medals!

I can't get them, they do my head in, lol


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Just BUY camos, its the new thing, no more earning anything!

you can't buy gold camos etc, and nor would i want to!

^^You cant earn Bacon either! LOL

What gun are you going for the gold in?

Aren't those easy to get ?

What difference does it make? People boost, lag switch, and whatever other cheating methods it takes to earn calling cards and camo anyway...  It's DISGUSTING! Why earn a woman when you can buy one, right? I'm sure people really appreciate those "purchased" camos more than earned camos too, huh? I have MUCH respect for the players that show off their gold and diamond over those ridiculously gawdy camos that you can buy [like cheap women]. The best things in life you EARN, not BUY.

  I'm not real big on scavenger normally .... but its almost a must for getting weapon bloodthirstys.

  Each weapon is different though. Bloodthirsties are usually my last challenge to complete, and by that time with swapping out attachments and perks etc for the other challenges I usually have an idea what works best.

  I find it frustrating though because when I'm going after headshots ( which I am pretty bad at ) I can average maybe one bloodthirsty per match .... but once I unlock the challenge I'm lucky to get one every 4 or 5 mathces.

Just slap a Target Finder on and go in Hardcore.Easy! ;-)

I think there are some major handicaps in the game. Everyone I have talked to have no problem with bloodthirstys UNTIL they need them for camo.

[I should start another thread, but other handicaps, besides lag comp, are midgame score averaging. When you are ahead by a TON of points, and then all the sudden, your firearm that typically would kill someone in a 3-round burst (Hardcore) takes two to three 3-round bursts...and then the other team wins.]

I'm not saying it's a conspiracy, because there is a ton of skill out there. Somebody could join a game in progress and help the other team significantly, but I'm talking about the games that end with the same players that started. All the sudden, they become godly. Yeah, right.. Penalize everyone so nobody can actually BE better than anyone else. Typical socialism. Disgusting.

Let the cussing begin.

I feel that I have accomplished a huge milestone when I do unlock a guns camo. I am not a stellar player. My nephews and son run cricles around me interms of Bloodthirsty's and Headshots. I agree with "Tired Old Guy" - I can usually average 1 Bloodthirsty very game and no problems on the double kills, however the longshots are something else. My son always gives me the raised eyebrow when I scream when in a game. He now knows it means I obtained a headshot.  

As for the new camos? Only have 2 of them. The graffiti one and the purple one. Love them both.

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