Blood on the ice...

Is this mission possible to complete? I'm at the point where I need assistance from that Jorleif guy, and to examine the crime scene, but Jorleif doesn't talk about it and nothing happens at the crime scene.


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follow the blood trail on the ground to the front door of Hjriem house

[/quote] Ah ha!  I missed that one too. I looked all over the crime scene again and again, but I was looking for a weapon or an object that would give me a game cue. I'm heading back there today.  A good question and a good tip!  Thanks to both of you.

Glad it was an easy fix for you guys... it was difficult to spot the trail.  As a side note, when you do finally purchase the house, scoll down to the BOTTOM of the upgrade options from Jorlief and choose the option to clean the blood inside the house up FIRST.  If you just go down the list from top to bottom, the cleaning option will disappear permanently :(

I'll give this a go in a bit, thanks.


Yes the secret passage "room" what ever you want to call it, gave me problems as well. That house is worth it when your done.

I had a hard time seeing the blood trail as well. I followed it to the steps that lead to the house you need to get to and then lost it lol. Was a cool quest though.

Phew, did it.

OK, I finished Blood on Ice as per the tips given in this thread. But, I've gotta say, I'm not convinced I ever really saw a "blood trail."  I knew where to start, and I knew where I wanted to end up. I did see some dark spots on the ground here and there, but they were not red. Something wasn't quite right about this one.


follow the blood trail on the ground to the front door of Hjriem house