Blood Bowl

Many years ago, I saw the original board game version of Blood Bowl at a gaming store. It was somewhere around $80, which seemed like a lot at the time. Not just because the average price for a regular board game was still around $5 (this was still the 1980's), but because I didn't know anyone willing to play it. For that matter, I still don't.

I'm not a football person by any means. I know there are 4 quarters to the game, and people listen to bad band music half way through the game. Off hand, I don't think I can name five pro teams off the top of my head without really thinking hard on the matter. And at least one of those teams will probably be for a different sport. Still, I want to play this game. I would love to figure out how to play it. It just seems like the kind of game I could enjoy if I could figure out what I'm doing. (I had the same problem with Mutant League Football on the Genesis, or any other football game I've tried. I just don't understand plays, how to read them, how to execute them, when to tackle the rah rahs)

I have never had any luck trying to learn an electronic football game. Yes, I knew someone in Junior High with that old hand held game. The one with the red LEDs, and all you had to do was run straight on one side to score. But as far as a console goes, I've yet to find a game that I could play. Play well, at least.And yes, that unfortunately includes the old Intellivision game that came with two sets of playbooks. I'm that ignorant when it comes to football games. And yes, I'm that old.

So IF there is someone out there that has the game, would like to play the game on Live, and has some patience, please feel free to drop me a line. I promise that I will try to learn how to play the game. I also promise to be as polite as I can and not cuss too much when you kick my rear with an outrageously high score. I also promise not to play any Madonna songs during half time.


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Awww.... a new guy asking for help : )


I think that's awesome, so I hope you find someone [cool] to help you out, but I can't personally.

Sorry but I think Blood Bowl is kinda.... well dead. Games Workshop didn't develop it as much they have Warhammer 40k/Fantasy and their other games that is connected to them.

It's cool you are trying to get someone to play, I hope you find that one guy :)

Don't sure that it's right topic, but anyway. I don't understand how to download Blood Bowl on my Xbox. I see only Dark Elves extension in store. So how to load full version of the game?

Btw, we are playing tabletop version and I like it!

08/16/16:  On my laptop I'm on the Xbox Deals With Gold page and it shows that Blood Bowl 2 for Xbox One is on sale at -75% off and it has the link for "Download From Xbox Store".  Here's the page: But problem is when I hit the link it takes me to a page in the Microsoft Store instead of the Xbox One Marketplace and thus isn't downloadable.   I've also tried doing a search for the game and that takes me to the same page that only offers the physical version, NOT with the usual purchase and download directly to your Xbox One.  I'd love to buy it for 75% off but it looks like it won't let me.  Sooooo, what the heck?!  >=(


"Resurrection" is an Undead Team Power but you seem to have mastered it.

You have 2 options.

Contact Support using the links at the top of this page...

Or wait until you get home and buy it for your XBox.

It's the closest thing you'll get to "Battle Chess" this gen and it's actually fun to play and has some commendable humour.