Blockbuster Online rents all Console games vs. Netflix lack of customer service


  1. 0 % online customer service, NONE
  2. Streams older movies, no new movies.
  3. Cool retro content to stream
  4. Some good TV shows, but many shows are segmented and you have to rent the DVDs.. which suckers you into having to have the DVD option.
  5. get a scratched DVD, you have to wait up to a week or longer for the return/mail/exchange process


  1. Rents DVDs by mail
  2. Trade mail DVDs in the store for new DVDs
  3. Rents Games by mail
  4. Trade games by mail for instore games (or movies)
  5. 24 hour online customer service which answers within a day or less (netflix has none)
  6. Get a scratched disk?  Just go to the nearest BB and swap it.

If you do the 1 plan at a time, 2 per month.. you can get 3 per month if you swap and mail in right.

No streaming with BB.. but if your'e going to have to rent a DVD might as well be with them when you can swap in the store down the street.

No late fees if you swap within the online program.  If you rent a DVD directly then the late fee stuff will apply.  Just stay in the plan.

Blockbuster has also dramatically reduced costs of renting with them directly in the store.

I was looking at some shows on NF and it pisses me off that they say "On DVD only" for the first 3 episodes.. or like DEXTER, they only had the first 2 seasons online.  But they expired the entire series now

Battlestar at first had the first 3 eps offline, and you had to rent them by mail. SO now you'd have to have the 16 dollar plan.  It's a trick they're sucking people into.


If you're going to pay 16 dollars, then you might as well just have both Blockbuster ONline and Netflix together (Netflix streaming only option).  TOgether the plans are about 16 dollars.





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i don't even know if there is a blockbuster in my city

I'm familiar with this plan.

My parents canceled their subscription because BlockBuster added a limit on how many you can rent in one month.

They used to watch a movie or two each weekend, but with that limit they weren't able to anymore.

Also the cost went up significantly from when the program launch.

I still have a couple Blockbuster's nearby I might consider joining Blockbuster again.

blockbuster is only slightly better if you have one near you; since last year or so they have been dropping like dead flys.


We have a  similar plan at my videostore, 3 movies out at a time for $9.99 a month.

Huh, earlier this week I finished a group assignment on Netflix vs Blockbuster.

All the blockbusters around here have closed and when they were open terrible customer service.

didnt BB declare bankruptcy?

I don't understand why people wait for DVD's to come in the mail when they can just rent whatever new release is out instantly using Zune on the dashboard. I have Netflix for streaming and that's it. When Blockbuster adds that, then we can talk

^ Yes. And they were bought out by Dish Network last April.

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