Blitz Tips ?

Blitz Tips ?


I hope other have some.


One I discovered was the do nothing but defend most of the first round to learn the enemy teams patters of attack and to size them up. Then just before the end gain back the 3-4 they got by only defending. Then slaughter then last round as you know what their gonna do.


Sure is what it felt like, I tend to defend mostly with my LSAT so I got time to hang back and observe.


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  I've been playing it with a knife and 12 points worth of speed and stealth perks. I just run .


  I take the longest, least obvious route, get a few caps before they catch on to it, then switch routes. So far my average is 4.2 caps/match with my most recent ones getting 6 - 9 caps.


  I think the main strategy is just having teammates both capping and defending. Too many people capping .... you wind up waiting there in the enemy spawn and get killed before you get it along with the enemy capping yopur weakly defended portal. Too few capping and of course you just dont cap as fast as them.


  One thing I've noticed and I dont know if its intentional or just me .... but one side is always way harder than the other. I can usually get at least twice as many caps in one round as I do the other round. So if you're capping easy first round, take advantage of it because when sides switch you have to be ahead. ..... Likewise. If the first rounnd you are doing poorly... dont leave because next round will be easier.

It sounds like CTF, but with no flag and you dont have to return a captured flag? Is that right? You just have to get to their "area" to capture?

^^yes you enter a zone that teleports you back to your base. You need someone defending always, literally this might mean camping but no. You should be moving around the area by zone to watch all possible entry points. When I play with a shotgun this is what I do. Usually however I play on the offense and what you need is a running mate. That way if you encounter someone one of you distracts them while the other one scores. Also don't just rush into the zone, take your time, sometimes that means waiting 20-30 secs by the zone just to be sure its safe. Lastly on big maps like whiteout make sure you take the long back way because people love to hide in the ship.

Not much too it,Just run,Shoot and jump down the hole more times than the other guys,It's a joke of a game type.

But its fun like ffa on nuketown.

It's pretty straightforward, but I enjoy Blitz much better than CTF...It's always fun sliding into the portal for some reason...

Yea to balance things, it should just be dom with 1 less flag as one side is always easier in Blitz

[quote user="Steel KiLLz"]

...It's always fun sliding into the portal for some reason...


  I'll have to give that a go. I bet it would be fun, and there have been several times I've gotten shot just as I was about to enter the portal, might just save me on occasion.


    I've only actually used the slide once for reasons other than playing around. I chased a guy around a tractor trailer, so I ran straight for the trailer, slide under it and out the other side gun blazing.  It was pretty cool he was turned waiting for me to come around the same direction he did. I wish we had theater for moments like that.

Ive been killed but still got the point, as if just part of you needs to enter the spot.

Thats something that may be effected by lag, because I've had it both ways.

   I've been fully into the circle, got killed and didnt get the cap, and I've just barely crossed into the circle , got killed and did get it. So I'm not really sure.

   I do know that one match there were several times I thought I had it but didnt.

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