Blind Date and Good Karma Achievement

I am having an issue getting these 2,

from what I have read up,in order to get them both,I need to complete all of the Strike Force Missions,

but I was unable to complete Second Chance,because I went for a different Achievement that required me to not play that mission.

What do I do now ? 

Do I have to start the Campaign all over again just to get Second Chance available again ?


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Just go back to the mission Karma.  There's an option to set the game back to that point only--so you would have to replay everything from that point on again, but you won't have to restart the campaign completely.

Cool,thanks man :) Appreciate it

No prob.  Also, in case it wasn't clear, you can do that for any mission, not just Karma (set the game back to that point).  Karma's just the one you'll need for the achievements you're looking for.


just so you know here's the choices you have to make to get them

-In karma, let de-falco live and take the chick

-do the 2nd chance mission and get her back - you'll get blind date achievement

-when playing as farid, kill harper because farid needs to be alive during odysseus

-on odysseus, de falco will smack the girl but she wont die, and farid will kill him, and then farid will get killed by the navy seal traitor(cant think of his name right now)

-then after you have control of mason again, the girl will crack the code and you'll get the achievement

McFragPants, is there anything else you have to do? I did all that and it did not give me the achievement.