Blight town flys - I hate them

So I got into bright town from the valley of drakes, and when I got to the bottom of the place, where the poison water is at.


All these damn poisonus flys were coming form every direction was I was moving around the place. I was surrounded by 6 of them at once when I just defeated two of them, and I damn near died and I was poisoned too.


I'm thinking someone must had did something, like dropped an item, or used some thing to effect my game to keep making these things respawn after each kill. I kill one and another one spawns in the distance. There was no end to them, so I said, F this and just got the hell up out of there. I'll fight that boss later. The tips people left down there told me that the bon fire and a boss was ahead, so I was heading in that direction while all of those damn flys were pestering me. Please dont tell me that they spawn like that on the regular, because thats just blasphemy!!!


But I DID get the firekeeper soul YUS!!! This is my third fire keeper soul. My flask will be AWESOME!! I'd rather go to the depths than blight town. That poison was NO JOKE, and them friggin dudes shooting those fuggin POISONUS DARTS!! WTF, toxin son!? Man, that stuff seemed like it was flesh eating toxin from how fast my life was going down. But thank god for the hella bundles of moss I got that cure toxin and poison.


Do I REALLY need to defeat the boss thats in blight town??? like, is fighting worth anything because I'd rather not go back to that place. Its dark, the enemies look MAD UGLY and deformed and the stupid poisonus stuff in that place. No wonder its called BLIGHT town.


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Yup.... you need to get to the bottom of Blight Town and beat the spider witch queen thingy.  If you're close enough to Soul Level 60 I'll help you.  Send me a message on XBL

You won't be able to ring the second bell unless you proceed. There are a crap ton of items down there you should grab too, like the Server blade which replenishes health with each attack. I plan on upgrading that to its max level.