Bleak Falls Temple Bug

I'm at the location where you need to turn the pillars to get through the second half of the dungeon. The pillars will simply not turn. I've saved and reloaded and I used an earlier save. Still the pillars will not turn at all. Any one else encountering this bug?


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I just completed that mission, just to be clear you're not having trouble with the pattern of the pillars but with them not moving at all when you select it right?

Are you trying to turn the pillars at the bottom of the stairs or at the top? The top ones don't turn at all, they are part of the clue as to how to solve the puzzle.

Like monkey said, the first set do not turn. They don't look like the other either if you look in closer detail. The rest of the sets are turnable.  ( Note/spoiler maybe? : Look behind and above them for clues )

yes, i just had the same problem. Dont know if any of it matters, but... the first time i entered the room i kiiled the bandit with an arrow, the i pulled the lever. the pillars were all set to eagle on the left and would not move. i loaded the autosave which put me right before the previous 2 bandits, there was a chest with 72 gold. after i reloaded i killed the bandit with magic andf i did not pull the lever. the pilliars showed eagle, swordfish, eagle. the turned right away. hope it helps!

I was finally able to get them to turn by leaving the temple entirely and then going back in...