Blades of Aspiration: A mainly UK/EU based clan looking for new members.

BoA are an all elite clan led by me (Pete2DSM2). With our high command being UGOTAPURTYMOUTH, iix SKOR LEINAD, RaTe x ReAPer, Head Keeper 95, Master1Hyperion and ICE GE0. This clan is the rebirth of the elite clan Blades of Destruction.

We are based solely canon and part-take in BTB team slayer and team objective constantly, we are organised and tactical, hardly ever losing regardless of objective or slayer.

We now do 1 to 1 training for people who wish to improve in certain areas. This is run by our high ranked members. We cover DMR training, vehicle training and general strategies.

We are a group that has been around for over a year now. So there is plenty of room for promotion within the ranks, but as every new recruit you would have to start out as a blue minor and work your way up to command. There are tests available for you to try out for Spec Ops and if you are a proven leader you could be promoted to Officer or even Zealot ranks.

Basics of our ranking system:
Infantry Division
Minor- (Then you can grade up to Veteran and then Exalted Minor)
Major- (+ Veteran and Exalted)
Officer- (+Veteran and Exalted)
Ultra- (+Exalted)
Field Master- (+Exalted)

Spec Ops Division
Ranger (+ Veteran and Stealth)
Spec Ops (+Veteran and Stealth)
Spec Ops Commando (+Veteran and Stealth)
Spec Ops Officer (+Stealth)

Honour Guard Division
Honour Guard Initiate (+Exalted Honour Guard Initiate)
Honour Guard (+Exalted Honour Guard)
Honour Guard Ultra (+Exalted)

Zealot Division
Ship Master
Fleet Master
Field Marshall

The requirements are:

-You must be 14+ with a mature attitude.

-Be prepared to play with a full team of 8 and listen to orders given by the highest in command in the game.

- Change your armour to blue (armour detail doesn't matter) emblem to the buzzsaw background which will be blue and crossed swords which are white.

- We prefer to do 8v8 clan matches but we do 4v4s as well

- Preferably be from UK/Europe due to timezone of the clan

- Hold true the 4 Truths of Faith. Harmony, Loyalty, Nobility and Honour.

If you feel you are up to the task and want to join just send a message to one of our GT`s

RaTe x ReAPeR
Head Keeper 95

Or come and check us out on our site

Blades of Aspiration

Hoping to see you soon.
Imperial Admiral Erbr 'Sar Adulee.
--Closing Note--
We play both Halo 4 and Reach regularly. So if you want to have fun and play with good people message me or one of high command. Hope to see you on the field soon.

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