Blacksmith and Gem training..?

Ok, so I'm still a newb at this game and no very little about the advanced game.  I just beat the game on Easy as my first run through ever with any Diablo game.  I do have other characters on normal, and just started nightmare.


My question is, I've trained the blacksmith and Gem buy, but now it shows I need pages or a book or something.  Where do I find those?  I think I've seen somewhere that its only in harder difficulties or something?  Please explain, Thanks..!


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If you go to the Blacksmith, in the armor section, choose the little bag(the one where your potions and gems are) choose the Anvil, there you'll be able to create the books you need.  You'll need 10 pages to create 1 book.  In Hell and Inferno, you'll start to actually pic up the books instead of the pages and it will be a lot easier to rank them up.

Ok, I'm only level 30, so I know I still have a long ways to go, but didn't know where to start finding those items.  Thanks..

Yes The pages of blacksmithing and jewlcrafting drop in Nightmare difficulty

The Books of blacksmithig and Jewlcrafting drop in Hell difficulty and

The Tombes of Secrets drop in Inferno difficulty