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Do potion effects pause whilst enchanting and upgrading armor and weapons? Example: If the effects last 30 second and I want to enchant 6 items and name them. Will I run out of time before the effects wear off?

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In my experience a potion to boost enchant can run out even before I do it if I'm not quick enough. I potion = 1 item. Smithing potions seem to last the life of the session. I think the difference is that you actually have to leave the selection screen to craft the enchanted item in order to rename it so time starts again while smithing can cover everything you have the materials to use without actually leaving the selection screen. The same is true for alchemy if you are using a restoration potion boost.

So the renaming screen starts the clock ticking again. Thats annoying as I seem to take ages to type on the 360.

I wonder if you could, for example drink a blacksmithing potion, upgrade 6 weapons then move to the workbench and upgrade 10 pieces of armor without needing to drink another blacksmithing potion before the effects wear off?

You can indeed move from the grind wheel to the workbench, but, you have to be quick.  I was able to get all my armor done, then went to work on my weapons and got all but 1 done before the potion ran out.  I have even once in Whiterun been able to upgrade one piece, buy an ingot I needed, and upgrade a second piece, but, I wouldn't advise that.  I had a perfect setup where the gal was right next to the grind stone.

Whiterun is my favourite place to blackmith. The breezehome being so near to Warmaidens is perfect for storing mats.

If I have all the materials for all the weapons and armor I want to upgrade I can use one potion! That's pretty cool!

So far you two have provided more info than I have search for. I'd be interest to hear other peoples observations.

Always a good idea to enchant/buy a nice smithing outfit too.  It's really easy to do, and helps out.  I have some pretty basic stuff, as my enchanting isn't that great, ring adding 20%, necklace, armor and bracers adding 22% each, so, with all that on, and a 50% potion I can hit an extra 136% to my smithing upgrades.  I know it's possible, but, putting the outfit together and buying the potion only took me a couple of hours, instead of maxing both alchemy and enchanting to get some godly weapons.  The bonus I get from my stuff is more than enough to help me murder anything that stands in my way.